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Contribute to preserving the Capping Stunt tradition of New Zealand Universities

I am writing a book on capping stunts in New Zealand with a focus on Massey University at which I was a student from 1970 to 1974 doing a B.Agr.Sc. I need your help to send me the stunts you were involved in or know about.

The capping stunt is a New Zealand university tradition of student pranks wherein students perpetrate hoaxes or practical jokes upon an unsuspecting population. They traditionally take place in May during graduation. Occasionally capping stunts preyed on other students, particularly those in their first year of study. In May 2004 a Massey University stunt involved staging auditions for extras in Peter Jackson's King Kong. After advertising the auditions in the student newspaper, over 200 students auditioned for a part. Each signed a disclaimer which included "I also understand that TheatreRecruitment does not guarantee a part in any movie, but will endeavor to act in the best interests of entertainment".

I think this is an important aspect of student life worth reflecting on and preserving, as well as showing the ingenious pranks students got up to.

I would like to enlist your help to send me capping stunts you were involved in or know of, together with any photos, to this email address

The time and location and details would be most valuable as well as permission to use your name or not as the case may be should you wish to remain anonymous.

Those that provide a stunt that is used in the book will receive a free electronic copy of the finished product.

It should take about a year or so to complete as this is a retirement project for me.

Regards Gerald Rys
PhD, B.Agr.Sci (Hons), Massey University