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News - Displayed on Website Josephine L De Guzman 16/05/2024  

My name is Josephine Lucas-De Guzman, a registered nurse for 14 years and have always wanted to pursue a post-graduate studies before, but life got in the way!

It's definitely hard balancing full time work, community advocacies, our finances (thank God for scholarships and fundings!), side hustles --- create social media contents ( check out facebook page, Journal of Jai) and event hostings), family duties as a wife and mother of 3 gorgeous children, which includes a very complicated pregnancy with my youngest bub last year!

Despite my personal doubts, I didn't give up and persisted. There was actually time that was so worried I would fail my exam while my son was in the NICU, breastfeeding him with my left answering on the laptop with my right, well picture that. I cried to Cha, my husband, right after and told him I would fail, questioning my life decisions, but God is really good! I pushed through, and passed! I am now pursuing post graduate diploma in Nursing this year.

Well for the record, I was so scared to ask for an extension as I thought it would mean a bad record to me as a student, lesson learned that the professors are actually human too and understand the circumstances when students are struggling with the university demands!

Yes, this is a reminder to chase your dreams and pursue them when the time is right! Aim high, because the sky is the limit!

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News - Displayed on Website Muhamad I Rahim 14/06/2024  
After years of professional-level procrastination, I finally took the plunge and pursued a master's degree in something I'm truly passionate about. Countless late nights fuelled by coffee, a mountain of assignments, and a final thesis later, I did it - I actually graduated, with distinction.

Experiencing the joy of graduation in stunning New Zealand with Massey University was unforgettable, especially with my family by my side. Pro tip: you can't truly experience NZ without an epic road trip. So, after traversing 2500km+ across the breathtaking North and South Islands, I can confirm - it was tiring but TOTALLY AWESOME. Kia Ora!

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News - Displayed on Website Victoria G Baird 17/06/2024  
It was an Amazing day, we graduated in April 2021 (right between Covid lockdowns and there were no restrictions and we were able to celebrate with no problems). Such a special day, my favorite part was doing the walk from parliament to Michael Fowler, with the bagpipes playing.
News - Displayed on Website Kirsten A Birrell 17/06/2024  
Everything ran fantastically smoothly. From an easy pick up and explanation of how to wear my graduation gown/trencher/hood. To getting a park near the square, to a fantastically celebratory Ceremony 2 on 30/4/24.
It was amazing seeing Mr Bryan Mogridge being awarded his Massey Medal, and hearing both Brian and our valedictorian talk about their journeys to this point in their life. It was a different experience graduating knowing no one I was graduating with having carried out my studies extramurally. When I graduated previously, I knew all the people graduating with my same qualification.

I loved the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony. Having the graduation book to leaf through after taking my seat early was awesome. Looking through my fellow graduate's names and their qualifications was great! Picking up my neighbour's purse to give back to her after she almost left without it at the end of the ceremony.

Thank you to Massey University for the great graduation ceremony, it was definitely an experience second to none. To be able to celebrate the hard slog and come out the other side of the stage with a fancy certificate as evidence of my success in completing my masters. Watching the doctoral graduates made me even more keen to continue my studies.
News - Displayed on Website Amber J Roydhouse-Ross 17/06/2024  
Amazing! The ceremony was engaging, and I felt very warmed, welcomed, and celebrated.
The speakers were great, and the overall experience was seamless while there were so many students and guests, it went by in good time. I would also say that the encouragement at the beginning of the ceremony to celebrate the graduates was really lovely. My guests commented that it felt far more warming compared to others they had attended. Overall great afternoon, well organised, well presented. Also love the ending with the celebration come from the ceiling, Fab. Thank you.
News - Displayed on Website Marvin P Fernandez 10/06/2024  
My name is Marvin Fernandez. I recently completed my Master of Construction with Distinction in Quantity Surveying. I would like to share my academic journey, not to brag, but to inspire.
I'm a Civil Engineer by profession, but I have been working as a Quantity Surveyor in Qatar and UAE since 2013. Since Civil Engineering has similar subjects to Quantity Surveying, such as estimation of works, I was hired as a junior QS for a main contractor in Qatar and worked in the tendering department, measuring and pricing tender projects. Since then, my career in QS continued, and I developed my passion for the profession.
Having worked in the profession for a few years, obtaining a qualification in Quantity Surveying had always been one of my professional goals, to complement my QS experience with QS education. However, due to work and family commitments, this remained a plan until the Covid- 19 pandemic hit and forced my former employer into liquidation, causing me to lose my job. Being jobless for a few months and due to tough competition, I realized the importance of a QS qualification and accreditation to remain competitive. This is the reason I enrolled at Massey University after a year to finally get my Master's in Quantity Surveying, to enhance my knowledge in Quantity Surveying and be more competitive in the construction industry.
Despite the doubt in my mind if I could manage my studies, as firstly, it had been 13 years since
I last stepped into a classroom, and secondly, I would be working on the side to support my family financially, we flew from the UAE to New Zealand along with my family in February 2023, and I started my studies after a week. Everything unfolded unexpectedly.
First, I managed to get a QS job after a week from my first class, the subject 218.780 Quantity Surveying Practice, they taught us the CostX, which is being used to measure quantities of construction works. During my job interview, I was asked if I knew how to use CostX, and since I knew the basics, I was accepted for the job - an unexpected instant benefit from my first week in class learning CostX.
Secondly, since our classes were block courses that only met two days at the start of the semester and two days in the middle of the semester, this schedule gave me plenty of time to work 20 hours a week and do my assignments for the rest of the week. The doubt of not managing my subjects faded away when I slowly excelled in my studies due to sufficient time to study, good lectures provided during the block courses, wonderful support from the lecture team, good facility in the library to study, and useful study materials. The theory knowledge was there, and it just needed to be digested to complete each assignment.
Before the end of the first semester, we had been lectured about sustainability, and I was inspired. Coincidentally, the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) opened its PAQS-IWATA Foundation essay competition on the role of a QS in decarbonization. I prepared my essay during the semester break to share my viewpoint and was shocked to receive a commendation award for such an essay despite multiple QS organization members competing.
I started my second semester, and since there were only two subjects, I had plenty of time and decided to find a Toastmasters club to improve my public speaking skills. To my surprise, there was an Academic Toastmasters club within the campus - another perfect coincidence.
On May 21, 2024, it was the graduation day, and 10 minutes before I stepped on stage, I received the result of my Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that I had passed and was now a Chartered Quantity Surveyor (MRICS). I was assessed on New Zealand local practice and standards, and this success is greatly attributed to the learnings I had from my subjects, such as the 218.781 Construction Financial Administration, which taught us the payment and variation mechanism in NZS3910:2013, and the 218.764 Construction Contracts and Administration, which taught us about the Construction Contract Acts 2002 and the Building Act 2004.
Since I started my studies at Massey University, I have achieved five things: get a QS job, a commendation award from PAQS, improving my public speaking skills, completed my Master's Degree, and passing my RICS APC. Posting all these accomplishments on my social media, one of the comments was from my former director, whom I used to work for, commenting, "This is becoming a regular occurrence." Quickly, the answer I gave was, "I guess I'm now in an environment that nourishes growth and gives me the opportunity to focus aside from work, unlike in the Middle East, which has a fast pace." That, I guess, is my takeaway from studying at Massey University. I have achieved not only academic excellence but also professional opportunities and growth.
This is my story, and I hope that it serves as inspiration to those individuals who are still undecided about pursuing their higher studies. Get it done; you never know, maybe you just need to be in an environment that nourishes growth to unlock your potential, like Massey University has given me.

News - Displayed on Website Thomas F McGrath 7/06/2024  
I completed a Dip. Bus Studs at Massey in the 1980s and in recent years have become an author. My latest book is "Wartime Secrets from the Family Home".

News - Displayed on Website Jacquie M Shanks 5/06/2024  
This year I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) after completing four years of part time study, including taking papers through three Summer school semesters too. It definitely wasn't always easy but I found that Massey staff were willing to help when I needed it. I am so grateful to have had the option of part time distance study so that I could also continue to manage my work and family commitments too. I am now enrolled in a postgraduate qualification which I never expected when I first started my Massey journey!

News - Displayed on Website Sheik H Mohamed Magdoom 31/05/2024  
Leaving behind a well-established career was challenging, but Massey University welcomed me with open arms. The transition from professional life to student life was tough, but the state-of-the-art facilities and collaborative learning environment fueled my passion.
Pursuing a Master's degree while raising two children required meticulous planning and dedication. The support from my professors and peers was invaluable. My children's smiles and encouragement kept me going, even during the toughest times.
Two years of hard work culminated in the proudest moment of my life-graduation. Walking across the stage and seeing my family's beaming faces was a dream come true. I achieved my goal, a testament to the power of perseverance and determination.
As a proud alumni of Massey University, I reflect on my journey with immense gratitude. The experience equipped me with advanced knowledge and skills, and taught me the value of hard work and lifelong learning.
To anyone contemplating a similar journey, remember it's never too late to pursue your dreams. Embrace the challenges, surround yourself with supportive people, and most importantly, believe in yourself. Your dreams are within reach if you are willing to work hard and never give up.
Thank you, Massey University, for being a pivotal part of my journey.

News - Displayed on Website Tomasi Q Mocevakaca 6/05/2024  

Bula and Kia Ora,

From Melbourne Australia, I just wanted to update Massey University that I am over here and embedded into community. I have a family of four, my wife and two young children.

I am now part of Fijian Community Association Victoria. I am part of the board and have been elected as the Chair of Sport.

I'm also a full time - indigenous community health worker and part of the team paving the way in the Public Intoxication Reform.

I wanted to shoutout to Massey University, particularly the Palmerston North Campus and the Massey PI Club, and our neighbours in the Massey Maori Club, I was part of the executive team during 2010 2011 - Sonny Liuvaie and Sesimani Havea for their help during my studies and Koli Sewabu and the RA Teams.

Also, a shoutout to the Vets Rugby Team and the many good memories throughout my studies, also a special mention to all my lecturers during my studies in the BSport & Ex - majoring in Sport Management & Coaching.

I received the opportunity to help coordinate the 1st in the world - Bula Cup Festival 2023.
This was the first of its kind to combine Rugby Union, Rugby League, with Cultural Performances and food, vendors, stalls, handicrafts and kids activities all in one place to celebrate talents both on and off the field and to propel players into higher honours via scouts but also to celebrate and promote community /families.

"Combining codes, connecting communities"

My final year as a student enabled me to have a practical component as the volunteer coordinator for the Palmerston North Basketball Association and assist with the organising of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Basketball/Volleyball Tournaments. Helen was the contact down there.

Massey University helped me gain the skills and life experiences to handle the different opportunities and I wanted to say thank you and update.

Thank you for the understanding and patience as I was also given extensions and exemptions for personal reasons throughout my studies, thank you for not giving up on me.

Hope everyone is well.
From a proud Massey Alumni.
News - Displayed on Website David Y Choi 11/04/2024  
Since completing my studies at Massey, I've gained extensive experience spanning various industries, including food manufacturing, aerospace, management consulting, and technology. I've held senior leadership across organisations such as Nestle, Boeing, Accenture, and Amazon. This journey has exposed me to a wide array of business functions, providing me with a holistic perspective. Leading teams across the globe have instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity and the importance of seeing things from a broad standpoint. These experiences have led me to pivotal roles in spearheading multi-year digital transformations for numerous businesses. Drawing from these insights gained over many years, I now run my consultancy firm where we support businesses that range from SMEs to multinationals operating in this part of the world. Our mission is to assist those businesses that are seeking transformation and value by tailoring solutions to their specific needs and leveraging cutting-edge innovations relevant to their industries, context and sizes.
News - Displayed on Website Yu Zhang 8/04/2024  
After graduating from university in 2019, I began working in the gaming industry as a 3D artist and later became a Technical Artist. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to receive help from my fellow alumni; I couldn't have come this far without them. I recognize that I shouldn't take their kindness for granted, and I hope to pay it forward by helping others one day, just as I was helped.
News - Displayed on Website Lorraine M Gray 12/10/2023  
Achieved an MA - Maori Studies from Whakatane.
News - Displayed on Website Margaret M Ghadiali 20/03/2024  
I retired last year, enjoying a retired life.
News - Displayed on Website Fredrick O Ajwang 1/03/2024  
I am taking up a permanent lectureship job in Politics at Coventry University starting this July.
News - Displayed on Website Sandra G Bond 1/03/2024  
Professor of Practice, Real Estate at Bucknell University, Lewsiburg, Pennsylvania, USA from 1 January 2024.
News - Displayed on Website Sohaib Ahmed 25/09/2023  
Joined Bahria University Karachi Pakistan and then first became Head of the Department and now I am working as an Associate Dean/Principal Bahria School of Engineering and Applied Sciences .
News - Displayed on Website Murad Ali 17/08/2023  
I have done a postdoc in Germany. I have won several research grants. I have authored a book titled 'The Politics of US Aid to Pakistan: Aid Allocation and Delivery From Truman to Trump (Routledge). I regularly contribute to The News International, Pakistan's leading English daily.
News - Displayed on Website Cecelia M Autagavaia 13/10/2023  
Completing my graduate diploma in learning and teaching in primary.
News - Displayed on Website Marc W Blackburn 11/08/2023  
Loved my time doing a degree late in my career. Since completing my Degree I was briefly the Country Manager for Linfox NZ, and am now leading the sales division for Hall's Cold Chain Logistics. Considering tackling my MSc through Massey next.
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