Celebrating the Refectory restoration 

The Refectory restoration has been a special journey in Massey’s heritage history. Built in 1930, the building was the original dining hall and social space shared by staff and students on the Manawatū campus. Thanks to the generous support of many, the Refectory is now restored to its former glory. The Foundation and Alumni teams recently held a series of immensely popular Refectory walking tours for alumni, staff, former staff, and friends of Massey.  

Massey University Foundation director Mitch Murdoch acknowledges the tremendous role that alumni had in the restoration fundraising. “We had 1,472 people donate to this building so a lot of the alumni feel quite strongly about the building. They feel really connected to it.” 

You can learn more about the restoration process and get a behind-the-scenes look at this magnificent building through the celebratory video below.