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Published by Massey University Press in June, Hazel Phillips’ new book Solo is about a backcountry adventure in Aotearoa New Zealand. One afternoon, journalist Hazel Phillips decided to close her laptop and head for the hills. She spent the next three years living in mountain huts and tramping alone for days at a time while holding down a full-time job. As she ranged from Ruapehu and Arthur’s Pass to the Ruahine Range and Fiordland, she had her share of danger and loneliness, but she also grew in confidence and backcountry knowledge. Full of pluck, courage, and resourcefulness and peppered with stories from our backcountry history, this book is for all those who long to wade through emerald rivers and breathe the mountain air.

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Massey University Press is giving away two copies of this book to the alumni whānau. To go into the draw, please email us by Friday Oct 28 at 11.59pm with your name and address. This offer is limited to readers of our newsletter with New Zealand addresses.

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