Book The Crewe MurdersThe Crewe Murders

The murder of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe in their Pukekawa farmhouse in 1970 remains New Zealand’s most infamous cold case. It spawned two trials, two appeals, several books, a film, and eventually a royal commission finding of police corruption.

It also resulted in a free pardon, the only time the New Zealand government has bypassed the courts to set a convicted murderer free. And still, the Crewes’ killer has not been found.

Combining gripping narrative, detailed research and striking new testimony from those who were there, this book tells the complete story of the case for the first time.

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About the authors

Kirsty Johnston is an award-winning investigative journalist with an interest in inequality, gender and social justice.

James Hollings is Associate Professor of Journalism at Massey University, Wellington.

Book Artists in AntarcticaArtists in Antarctica

What transformation happens when writers, musicians and artists stand in the vast, cold spaces of Antarctica? This book brings together paintings, photographs, texts and musical scores by Aotearoa New Zealand artists who have been to the Ice. It explores the impact of this experience on their art and art process, as well as the physical challenges of working in a harsh and unfamiliar environment.

Antarctic science, nature and human history are explored through the creative lens of some of New Zealand’s most acclaimed artists, composers and writers, including Laurence Aberhart, Nigel Brown, Gareth Farr, Dick Frizzell, Anne Noble, Virginia King, Owen Marshall, Grahame Sydney, Ronnie van Hout and Phil Dadson.

It also includes a foreword by CEO of Antarctica New Zealand Sarah Williamson and a chapter by Antarctic arts researcher Dr Adele Jackson contextualising Aotearoa New Zealand’s relationship with Antarctica.

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About the editor

Patrick Shepherd was an honorary Antarctic Arts Fellow in 2003/04, and in 2016 he visited the continent again as a tutor with a group of postgraduate students from the University of Canterbury, where he is a senior lecturer.

Book State of ThreatState of Threat

Increasing US–China tensions, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, disruptions to supply chains and maritime trade, right-wing extremism, gangs and the drug trade . . . The international and domestic security environment is dynamic and fraught. In State of Threat, local and international academics and sector experts discuss the issues facing New Zealand across defence, diplomacy, intelligence, policy, trade and border management.

This timely and up-to-date analysis of New Zealand’s most important security issues is a must-read for policy analysts, those working in risk management and industry leaders across all sectors of the economy.

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About the editors

Associate Professor William Hoverd is the director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) at Massey University.

Deidre Ann McDonald is a teaching fellow with Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University.

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