Book cover - Shaping Massey


A book launch event draws Massey friends and book lovers

Recently, Emeritus Professor Ian Watson celebrated the launch of his new book Shaping Massey with an exciting event that brought Massey friends, book lovers, and readers together.

Chaired by Emeritus Professor Peter Lineham, the book launch event featured diverse activities, including author speeches, book signings, and opportunities to network with like-minded people.

We’re giving away a copy of this book to the alumni whānau. To go into the draw, please email us by 30 April 2023 with your name and address. This offer is limited to readers of our newsletter with New Zealand addresses. 

Shaping Massey charts the development of Massey University from its beginnings as Massey Agricultural College until the early 2000s. It has three principal areas of focus. First, the leadership styles of its Principals and Vice-Chancellors: Sir Geoffrey Peren (1929-1958) and William Riddet; Sir Alan Stewart (1959-83); Sir Neil Waters (1983-1995) and Dr. James McWha (1996-2002). Second, it explores how Massey and related organisations, notably the DSIR, the Department of Agriculture and the University of New Zealand were in turn shaped by the evolving social and political context within which they operated. Finally, it highlights some key individuals who made significant contributions to its scholarly reputation and in so doing developed its ethos of being of service to New Zealand and New Zealanders. 

Copies of the book can be purchased online.