A homecoming message from your Alumni Manager

Joining Massey has, in many ways, been a homecoming. As an academic in a previous life, I had the privilege of teaching at both the Manawatū and Wellington campuses, with visits to the Albany campus library for good measure! Since my time then, I’ve carried a deep fondness and admiration for Massey’s staff, students, and ways of being. I’m thrilled to have returned as Alumni Manager, committing to enable awesome experiences, moving memories, and helping you make new friends no matter where in the world you are.

The past two years have been a challenge for all of us, but what we do have at Massey is the incredible understanding of connecting over vast distances. You’ll be able to read the stories of alumni who were both extramural and campus-based students, and whose lives at home were a part of the “thousand little moments” that make up the Massey journey. I hope that you feel inspired by the many ways that Massey alumni are shaping the world around us.

As we look to 2022, we are hopeful of reconnecting with the wider world. Over the forthcoming year, there’ll be opportunities to engage with the University, from our Alumni Book Club (read more in the newsletter!) to webinars, and more. Did you know you can also stay up to date through your Massey University Alumni Facebook page, your Alumni LinkedIn group, and the Alumni Online community. We’d love to hear your news, so please stay in touch and let us know about the fantastic things that are happening in your life.

Until then, may your new year and 2022 be bright and full of moments of wonder, friendship, and growth.

Dr Nina Seja
Alumni Manager