Massey Career Centre (MCC) and me…An introduction to John Ross

One of the wonderful things about working for Massey Career Centre (MCC) is the opportunity to partner with colleagues from throughout the University. Particularly pertinent is work that we’re currently doing with colleagues from Alumni & Friends to develop career-related resources and events tailored to graduates such as you. Watch this space for more on this, including on ways in which you could help us. In the interim though:

Did you graduate in the last three years? 

As a Massey graduate, you have full and free access to Massey Career Centre’s online resources for three years after graduation. Overhaul your CV, connect with the new NZUni Talent Jobs Board, brush up on your interview responses, access webinars and tap into advice on a vast range of career-related issues.

To access these resources, you’ll need to complete and submit the form and email: You’ll see that this form is generated by MyHub, an intranet portal that you can also access for three years after graduation. Log into MyHub as a graduate or, where necessary, choose the ‘Reset your password’ link.

For those beyond the three-year mark, stay tuned for more resources next year.