Wellbeing for Busy Professionals

Join us for an enlightening webinar on making time for wellness and avoiding illness, featuring Professor Ajmol Ali, a renowned expert in Exercise Science at Massey University. Professor Ali will take you on a journey into how you can help yourself manage the demands of a hectic professional life, sharing valuable insights from his extensive research and personal experience. Discover practical wellness tips to integrate into your routine – some may not stick, but the exploration will be enjoyable!

About the speaker

Professor Ajmol Ali: With an illustrious career at Massey University, Ajmol specialises in themes like paediatric exercise science and wellness in the workplace. As International Director for the College of Health and Director of the Beverage Lab, he’s at the forefront of innovative health solutions. When he’s not advancing health science, he stays active in football and enjoys coaching his children. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revitalise your wellness approach. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday May 28 at 12pm (NZST). Register online or contact alumni@massey.ac.nz for more information.