NOVEMBER 6th (Melbourne Cup day) - 9th 2018
Mike Giles
Tentative plans
Mike Giles reports:
“So far 18 people are showing interest.
“I have found that the most economic accommodation is at the Armitage Hotel in Tauranga, they have quoted $179 per night double room with full cooked breakfast and $159 single with cooked breakfast. I am still negotiating for the evening meals in a separate room so we do not interfere with the other guests.
“There is nothing at the Mount under $200 per night, nor at the other 2 hotels in Tauranga. I think that $200 is getting too steep in light of other expenses with bus and lunches ?
“I have arranged  for a bus to take us to Paeroa to view the Enzogenol Pine Bark Extraction Plant with an explanatory talking tour from Dave Giles  and Health talk from Matt Frevel, our Chief Science Officer.
I have arranged a Tour of Port of Tauranga Operations. This will take approximately one and a half hours .
I am trying to arrange a tour of the Comvita Manuka Honey Operation at Paengaroa with a talk by one of the Founding Directors, Alan Bougen. This will depend on his whereabouts on the day.”
Progress to date
As you can read above, Mike is making good progress with plans. Although it is not a big gathering as yet, we have heard others are interested and no doubt Dave and Dawn Berry will just turn up. We hope they do.
Should you be tentatively interested and have not contacted Mike as yet, he would be pleased to hear from you as he will need to arrange the right size of bus. It certainly looks as if the gathering will not only be social but also of much interest.
Denis and Anne Bower report that their latest visit to New Zealand was an enjoyable experience. They met up with several old Massey colleagues and also managed to promote their product. They plan a lengthy overseas tour over the next few months.
Please note: The reunion is definitely on.
Mike Giles
Stuart Chambers