2017 Alumni Appeal - Thank you!

At the end of 2017 we reached out to 73,000 Massey alumni as part of our annual alumni appeal. We combined telephone, email and post to reach as many alumni as we could around the world. 

Many of you showed your Massey pride by supporting our appeal and together we raised over $92,000! Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal and supported the work that the Massey Foundation does. Your generosity makes a big difference at Massey. A special thank you to those who picked up the phone to talk to one of our student callers, sharing your advice and stories, and inspiring the next generation of Massey students.

Refectory: As we move closer to our $3.6 million fundraising goal to restore the 1931 heritage building we asked you one final time to support this exciting and ambitious project. Thank you for giving so generously to help us restore an important piece of our Massey history and turn it once again into the heart of the campus.

Student Scholarship: Today, a year's study at university, living on campus, costs students upwards of $20,000. Many of our talented students face financial barriers to attending university and achieving their best. Thank you for supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund and helping to give today's brightest students that special Massey experience - like the one you had.

If you missed out on the appeal, don't worry, you can still participate by donating online below. 

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, our Massey Foundation bank account is 02-0500-0659127-000  Ref: (surname) / Code: (fund name)

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about the alumni appeal, please feel free to contact us at  massey.foundation@massey.ac.nz

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Refectory Restoration Project

In 1931 the Refectory was the second building on the Massey campus. At that time it was the heart of a vibrant young Agricultural College, a place to eat and socialise.

Home to the student dining hall, it was the most important social space on campus.

Now, after several more changes of function and years of wear and tear, the building stands empty, in need of urgent repair and earthquake strengthening. Massey will restore the Refectory and it will once more become the heart of the campus. The ground floor spaces, which housed the dining hall and student common room, will be restored to their former architectural glory and used again as social spaces. The first floor, once home to the Matron and staff quarters, will be transformed into the University headquarters - housing the Chancellery.

These magnificent spaces will display Massey memorabilia and be used by students, staff, alumni and the local community to celebrate important functions, University occasions and entertainment.

Please give generously to assist the Foundation to turn an important piece of our history into the heart of the campus once more and the gateway to our future.

Student Scholarship

We believe that deserving students should have every opportunity to reach their potential at Massey. 

Many of our alumni believe the same, which is why the Massey University Alumni Scholarship Fund was established. This fund, held within the Massey Foundation, gives out up to 20 Massey Undergraduate Scholarships a year to deserving students to ensure they go on to complete their qualification and realise their true potential. We hope that with your help, we can increase the number of scholarships available.

Some of our earliest alumni recall the picturesque campuses, lectures on the farm, six-a-side on the oval, student sunbathers sprawled across the concourse, six o’clock rush hour at the dining hall, horses on the ring road, and those infamous vet calendars. A Massey education is unique and for 90 years these traditions have remained largely unchanged.

Although the University is a lot larger now, with more programmes, more students and more campuses, the Massey experience remains the same. With one big exception; the financial burden that students must endure to study at university in New Zealand.

Today, a year’s study at university, living on campus, will cost students upwards of $20,000.

With the cost of living rising every year, many of our talented students face financial barriers to attending university. Many are forced to borrow money and for some, financial hardship prevents them from completing their studies.

Help us give today’s deserving students that special Massey experience – like the one you had.