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Jeremy Taylor

Picture of Jeremy TaylorSince the last Massey Alumni update back in 2011 things have remained busy for Jeremy Taylor. Jeremy is currently the Director of Staff Development for OEIM. Overseas Education Investment Management Ltd (OEIM) is a HK registered company headquartered in Chengdu specializing in the provision and facilitation of Sino-British collaborative education within the Higher Education (HE) sector. Jeremy has responsibilities to grow and help the teaching faculty to achieve UK quality assurance standards. In May, 2016 Jeremy was recognised for his ongoing commitment to quality teaching and learning in an International context thorough being appointed as a Senior Fellow with the Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK).
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Ravi Naidu

Picture of Ravi Naidu In attendance at the Graduation Ceremony for the conferring of the prestigious Doctorate of Science was Professor Ravi Naidu, Global Innovation Chair and Director of the Global Centre for Environmental Remediation at the University of Newcastle, Australia.  Ravi has forged an outstanding career since completing his PhD at Massey University in 1985.  He was the Founding Director, Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation, University of South Australia and the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of CRC CARE ¬ a centre that he initiated at that University. There was a recent shift of the entire research group (75 researchers) to the University of Newcastle where Ravi⊃;s work continues to focus on the remediation of contaminated soil, water and air, and the potential impacts of contaminants upon environmental and human health at local, national and global levels.
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