Refectory Building

Celebrating our past - ensuring our future!

In 1931 the Refectory was the second building on the Massey campus. At that time it was the heart of a vibrant young Agricultural College, a place to eat and socialise.

By 1964 the Agricultural College had become a University and its student numbers had expanded beyond the Refectory’s capabilities. A new dining hall was built as part of the Student Union Building and the Refectory was converted into teaching space. The vaulted chamber that was once the crowning glory of the Refectory was divided into two storeys and the arched windows built-in to allow classrooms to be created. The huge fireplace and original ceiling of the common room were concealed to add more teaching space for an ever expanding student body.

Now, after several more changes of function and years of wear and tear, the building stands empty, in need of urgent repair and earthquake strengthening.

Now Massey will restore the Refectory and it will once more become the heart of the campus. The original ground floor spaces which housed the dining hall and student common room will be restored to their former architectural glory and used again as social spaces as well as formal University Functions. The first floor, once home to the Matron and staff quarters, will be transformed into the University Headquarters – housing the Chancellery.

The old dining hall and student common room spaces will display Massey memorabilia and by used by students, staff, alumni, and the local community to celebrate important functions, university occasions and entertainment.

The Refectory will be a dignified and appropriate University headquarters and a place where Massey’s past, present and future meet.

Staff, students and friends will see and hear Massey history as they pass through this ‘gateway’ to the campus. Once complete, the restored Refectory will go on to shape a new future for Massey and for a new New Zealand.

Please give generously to assist the Foundation to turn an important piece of our history into the heart of the campus once more and the gateway to our future.


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